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Translation Quality and Confidentiality

Making use of our extensive experience with scientific and technical translations through our long-term association with JEOL, we can offer superior translations of the following languages: English, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese, at a reasonable price. We have particular skill in the fields related to physics and chemistry, including all types of technical documents, as well as scientific articles and materials.

In this page, we will describe the management of translation quality and how confidentiality is ensured. 

Translation Quality Control

Accurate Understanding of the Source Document

We translate with an accurate understanding of the original document and take care to use the appropriate terminology for each field. We employ a translation staff that include native speakers of the target language who have relevant expertise and who are familiar the contents of the source document.

An Easy to Understand and Polished Translation

Native speakers of the target language work in cooperation with translation staff who have advanced scientific and technical backgrounds to complete the translations. Experts in each field who are proficient in the language pair verify the original document and make the necessary corrections. Native speakers in the target language provide the final refinement of the translation.

PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action)

Translation work is performed using a PCDA cycle.
Plan: Receive the original document, examine the level of expertise required, difficulty of the original document and past translation history, and then select the most appropriate translator and translation memories (TM).
Do: Perform the translation
Check: An expert who is familiar in the field checks and corrects the translation and then a native speaker in the target language refines it.

Action: The responsible manager approves it based on the customer’s requests, and delivers the translated documents.

We perform our translation work using this PDCA cycle to ensure that the translated documents are delivered in accordance with your requirements. Furthermore, for repeat orders we can deliver better-quality translations even faster and cheaper by following this PDCA cycle (action).

Coordination with Experts

In cases involving highly technical contents, translation manager exchanges information with experts in such fields as R&D, applied research, engineering design, production engineering, manufacturing techniques, parts procurement, material procurement, and inspection techniques in order to fully understand the contents of the source document, and creates an environment to produce a translation of the highest quality.


We adopt the following practices to strictly ensure the confidentiality of all documents and materials delivered by our customers.

(1)General Management

A confidentiality agreement is executed between the company and all employees involved in the translation, and strict measures are instituted to prevent the leak of any information provided by the customer.

(2)Information Management

We use protection measures, such as passwords, so that only the translators, proofreaders, and required management staff have access to the source documents provided by the customer and the translated documents. If a customer provides us with information for an estimate but does not place the order, the information is deleted and securely disposed of. Also, all documents received after an order are strictly managed on a secure server.

(3)Confidentiality Agreement

In order to provide confidence that our system will ensure the confidentiality of all provided information, we can sign a confidentiality agreement at the estimate stage at the request of the customer. Please let us know if you require a confidentiality agreement with JEOL Techno Service, or have any other questions.

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