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Industrial and Environmental Materials

Making use of our extensive experience with scientific and technical translations through our long-term association with JEOL, we can offer superior translations of the following languages: English, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese, at a reasonable price. We have particular skill in the fields related to physics and chemistry, including all types of technical documents, as well as scientific articles and materials.   

In this page, we will describe the role of translation regarding the following industrial and environment materials.

  • Industrial Safety and Quality Standard Translations
  • Environmental Document Translations
  • Technical Information, Thesis, and Patent Translations related to Energy Conservation and Resource Conservation
  • Translations related to Environmental Analysis Instrument Documents
  • Chemistry Related Translations
  • Waste Related Translations
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Translations

1. Industrial Safety and Quality Standard Translations

The behavior of corporations is under the spotlight more than ever. Corporations are under pressure to comply with domestic and international laws and agreements to prove they are acting in a socially responsible manner. In order to achieve this, many companies are expending their efforts to comply with laws and standards such as international standards (ISO), European standards (EN), CE markings (EMC/Directive on Machinery/Low Voltage Directive (LVD)) the RoHS/REACH directive, UL safety standards, FCC international communication regulations, ANSI standards, and SEMI standards industry voluntary standards (de facto standards). Documentation related to these regulations needs to be constantly revised and updated while matching the original documents accurately.
Whenever a law or standard is revised, there is time lag before the official translations are made available. Internally, we often receive translation requests requiring us to promptly respond to revised laws and standards before the translation of a standard is made publicly available. Using our experience, we have ability to provide fast and accurate translations in multiple languages, including input from a native speaker of the target language and an expert in the related field.

2. Environmental Document Translations

The state of the global environment is currently a hot topic. There are continuous debates and negotiations about environmental issues such as the revision of the Kyoto Protocol that is generating a large demand for translated materials. The aim of these debates and negotiations between countries such as developed countries, developing countries, and countries in the south and north, and in various fields such as politics, economics, medicine, science, and technology, is to achieve recycling-orientated societies that are capable of sustainable development. We can offer translation services related to these environmental issues, providing easy-to-understand translations in multiple languages for your convenience.

3. Technical Information, Thesis, and Patent Translations related to Energy Conservation and Resource Conservation

Many companies are making the transition to environmentally friendly products and services based on environmental design standards. As a result, many academic papers, patents, and research reports are being published in regard to new developments and improvements that reduce CO2 emissions and energy requirements during manufacturing processes, or introduce energy saving modes in the final products. Many translations on techniques for environmental management and environmental accounting have been published. We can provide specialized translation services in all areas of environmental management.

4. Translations related to Environmental Analysis Instrument Documents

There are various instruments that contribute to improving the environment by measuring environmental aspects and pollution such as:

  • Portable gas chromatographs that provide reliable real time data for direct on-site sampling.
  • Desktop mass spectrometers (MS) that can perform high precision quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis of PBB or PBDE isomers in brominated flame-retardants with high sensitivity.
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) instruments that are used for analyzing the 3D structures of medicines, agrichemicals and environment hormones.
  • Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers that can easily create reports from the screening analysis results of the controlled substance.
  • Fluorescence X-ray analyzer that can take hand-held measurements.

We translate all types of documents related to these instruments such as specification sheets, instruction manuals, procedures, service manuals, technical documents and patents into multiple languages such as English, Chinese, and Russian. We hope to contribute to the global environment by providing high-quality technical translations related to your instruments.

5. Chemistry Related Translations

Modern management systems for chemical substances are heavily regulated to ensure the health and safety of people and the environment. Furthermore, particular emphasis is placed on controlling the international trade of hazardous and poisonous substances. Information regarding the management of these chemical substances is being shared around the world as international trade and technology advances. With our expertise in translation in multiple languages, we hope to contribute to this information sharing.

6. Waste Related Translations

Waste disposal is an unavoidable issue because it directly affects the well being of human existence on this planet. Tackling the issue of appropriate waste disposal is a global problem and many companies are implementing measures in an attempt to reduce the amount of plastic waste, as well as other reduction measures such as the separation of raw materials for reuse and recycling. Translation ability in multiple languages plays an essential role in information exchange and solving problems related to waste handling, to help achieve these waste reduction objectives.

7. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Translations

When discussing environmental problems, it is important to have an understanding of the total energy transfer “from the cradle to the grave” of the product (the amount of energy used during extraction of resources, transportation, processing, distribution, consumption, and disposal of the product). The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a technique used to assess the basic environmental impact associated with a product. It provides fundamental data to understand the impact of energy use such as electricity and fossil fuels, and tools to help contribute to maintaining a better environment. Our company is also focusing our attention on the LCA technique and providing associated translation services.

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